Attention: Men Who Will Not Comply with Being the Scrawny, 
Soft, Weak, Beta Males They Want You to Be…

Are You Ready to Rise Above BS Fitness Advice and Ineffective Training Methods… And Finally Get Big, Strong, and Jacked?
State of the Union Address from Jay Ferruggia:

My fellow meatheads,
It's time to build your back better (and your chest, shoulders, arms, and legs... which could all use some hyperinflation). 

The body positivity movement has failed us all as a society. 

We were led to believe that it’s ok to be fat and weak, with no muscle mass. 

We were told that “dad-bods” were sexy. 

And that being 100 pounds overweight made you as “brave” as someone who runs into a burning building to rescue another human. 

You and I know that’s all bullshit. 

And that’s what I want to talk to you about today. 

Listen, I feel your pain. 

I know exactly what it’s like. 

To have the muscle-building genetics of Pee Wee Herman or Danny DeVito in “Twins." 

To be naturally weaker than pond scum. To be soft, with bird tits and a potbelly. To have an A-frame physique like Grimace. 

To have a pencil neck, and forearms and calves like pogo sticks. To have joints the size of a grape… with about as much ability to withstand impact.

I know what it’s like to get injured more easily than Grant Hill, RGIII, and Ken Griffey Jr. combined.

I know what it does to your confidence and mental psyche. 

I deeply understand the pain and frustration because I lived with it for decades. 

I can fully relate to what it feels like to go through years of frustration trying to fix all those problems. 

To try one training system after another and get nowhere. To bounce around from one guru to the next. 

Maybe you’ve tried high-frequency training… high volume training… “functional fitness”… bodyweight circuits…powerlifting… bodybuilding…

And still nothing. 

You stumbled upon a doorman or waitress on Instagram who, incredibly lost a whole eleven pounds of fat in twelve weeks and now calls themselves a “coach.” 

You even tried their silly, injurious program. 

And all of them failed you. 

Well, all that ends today. 

We’re issuing a permanent lockdown on shitty, ineffective, dangerous training methods. 

Who Am I And Why Should You Trust Me?

I’m Jay Ferruggia, the OG of the fitness industry. Coach to NFL, MLB, WWE athletes, entertainers, CEO’s, and thousands of skinny hardgainers worldwide.

I’m an advisor to LiveStrong, Schwarzenegger, and Men’s Fitness.

In the mid 90’s I was the one who originated most of the trends that are popular today from box style gyms to group training to unconventional equipment.

I’ve successfully trained more skinny guys than anyone else on the planet.

In fact, they call me “The Hardgainer Savior,” and “The King of Getting Skinny Guys Jacked.”
You may have read my monthly “Hardgainer” column in Men’s Fitness or seen me featured in any number of magazines such as Muscle & Fitness, Men’s Health, Details, or Maximum Fitness, heard me on radio stations such as CBS and ESPN or even seen me on TV stations like ABC and Fox.
When I opened Renegade Gym in the mid 90's we changed the training world forever.

Because I blew the lid off of all the time wasting bullish*t scams and training methods out there.

I got people training in a completely different way than anyone else was doing or promoting.

I introduced methods, implements and concepts that went on to become the basis for all small gyms around the world.

And the results were off the charts. My guys were routinely gaining 30 plus pounds of muscle and getting leaner along the way.

I Started Out Skinny-Fat, Weak,

and Painfully Insecure

I’m a former skinny-fat hardgainer, unlike almost every well known coach in the fitness industry.

Most of the top fitness experts have great genetics and have been jacked and strong since high school.

So they can’t relate to you and your struggles the way I can.

Growing up, I was the weakest, scrawniest kid around, and gaining weight was impossible for me.

Because of this I had zero self confidence and was painfully shy and introverted. 

This caused me an inordinate amount of frustration and unhappiness, so I began on the quest to become a bigger, stronger version of myself.

When I first started training, I took advice from bodybuilders and magazines, and busted my ass in the gym, trying every program and supplement under the sun.

But I got nowhere.

After my first five years of training I was a whopping 147 pounds at 6 feet tall.

Five years later I was STILL skinny and weak.

An entire decade down the drain.

Eventually I decided to take matters into my own hands.

I got every certification I could.

I started spending countless hours reading through stacks of studies and over 300 books on the subject of building muscle…

I hired and studied under all the world’s best training experts. 

I opened my own private gym and experimented on hundreds of human guinea pigs, year after year and… 

I Finally Stumbled Upon the REAL TRUTH About What Hardgainers Need to do to Build Muscle

And in doing so I overcame the worlds worst muscle building genetics and…

I went from 147 pounds all the way up to a rock solid 204 pounds!

I’ve helped countless other guys achieve similar, life changing results.

After 25+ years of intense research and in-the-trenches experiments, I’ve created a fail-proof system that will help you finally build some serious muscle.
I want to help you build a body that projects health, strength and confidence. 

The kind of body that changes the way people see and think about you.

The kind of body that changes the way you think about yourself the world around you.

The kind of body that can literally change your life. 

And I want to help you defeat the “skinny guy” mindset once and for all.

Strong body. Strong mind. Strong life.

You deserve to have it all.

Introducing: The Jacked Variant… 
MASSculinity Guaranteed

This brand new, 6-week training program is the one thing that will finally end your pain and maximize your gains. 

It’s been over FIVE years since I’ve released a new workout plan that’s been available to anyone but those in my coaching programs. 

You’ve asked time and time again, and I listened. 

You wanted my Push/Pull/Legs/Arms split all laid out in a fully detailed program. 
I have delivered. 

You get the theory behind the program and the essentials on how it works so well. 

And you get the program with sets, reps, rest periods, videos, execution notes, and more. 

Unlike all the powers that be, I have your best interest at heart and am here to help. 

I’m issuing a federal MASS mandate.

It’s time make men jacked again!

You’ll Discover Inside The Jacked Variant

You’re doing too much volume. 

You’re doing the wrong exercises. 

You’re executing them improperly. 

You’re not sequencing them in the right order. 

You’re not following a proper progression model. 

I’m gonna fix all of that and also show you…
  • The ultimate, fully detailed, 6-week training program.
  • The 7 essential factors required to force muscle growth.
  • ​How I gained over 30 lbs of muscle in one year. And have helped countless others do the same.
  • The magical number of sets to do for the fastest gains.
  • High reps or low reps? What’s better for hypertrophy?
  • ​How to do a 4-way split and still train every muscle twice per week.
  • ​Why the sequencing of your exercises is absolutely crucial if you want to save your joints. 
  • ​The optimal rest periods to take between sets for maximum growth.
  • How to avoid the common aches and pains normally associated with training.
  • The simplest way possible to lose fat and get lean. EASY.
  • ​How to make measurable progress EVERY single week.
  • ​Should you train to failure when trying to grow?
  • ​An exact way of identifying a great muscle building exercise. Hint- it’s NOT what you think.
  • How to make every rep you do 4x more effective.
  • Should you train for a pump? The answer might surprise you.
  • ​The ultimate pre workout prep routine. STOP wasting time with long, useless warm ups. 
  • How to fire up your nervous system for better workouts every time.
  • What you can learn from Tiger Woods, Mariano Rivera and Kobe Bryant to make your workouts FAR more effective… and safer. 
This is your JAXXINE PASSPORT that will ensure that the participation trophy crowd stays six feet apart when they see you coming. 

All communists will fall to you like Drago did Rocky. 

And the best part is…

When you finish the program you get to keep all of your gains! You don’t have to divide them and share them with those too mentally weak to do what you’re capable of doing. Even though the kids think that would be so cool of you to do.

Imagine Your New Fully Jaxxinated Life

Imagine controlling your narrative… instead of letting someone else do it for you. 

Imagine how you’ll feel when you’re the most jacked guy on your daily work Zoom call. Or in the office if you live in a freedom state. 

Picture how all the “quarantine 15” people will look up to you as their mentor. Notice how they all admire you and ask how you do it. 

You’ll sleep deeply every night knowing you’re doing EXACTLY what you need to do to maximize your gains and to continually set PR’s (personal records) every time you set foot in the gym. 

While the meek continue to move down in social status and get sicker physically and mentally because of their lack of jaxxination…

While they continue to be rejected, excluded or excommunicated from groups of real men…

You’ll be on a constant ascension to the top. 

Because proper training is a metaphor for life. If you can do what’s required, and do it properly… you can do anything. It bleeds into the rest of your existence. 

Then you start stacking one win after another and become completely unrecognizable to your old self.

You become ungovernable, unfuckwithable, and unstoppable. 

Frequently Asked Questions

Who is this program for?
Those with at least 2-3 years of proper training under their belt. It's not a beginner program. You need to know how to train and you know how to exert massive amounts of effort, properly. 

It would also work really well if you're coming off a high-volume phase and feeling beat up. 

If you're over 40 or have been training for a long time this program will be a lifesaver for you. 
Do you send me anything physical?
No. This is an instantly downloadable digital file. So you can get started today!
Is this an app?
No. Like I said, it's a PDF.
Can I view it on my phone?
Yeah. Dude. We've covered this.
How many days per week are the workouts?
There are four lifting days per week and one hard conditioning day that is optional (though, I highly suggest doing it).
What equipment do I need access to?
Ideally, a fully equipped gym. But you'll definitely need dumbbells, an adjustable bench, a chin-up bar, suspension straps, a power rack, bars, plates, cables, or bands.
How long do the workouts take?
Each training session is around 45 minutes. The conditioning day is only 30 minutes.
You're speaking too much truth here... how is this page not censored yet?
They're coming for all of us. We must prepare accordingly by dousing ourselves daily in The Jacked Variant. 
Is my lack of muscle and strength my fault?
Others would tell you NO. You should blame your genetics and your parents. You should complain that working out is too hard and that healthy food isn't as delicious as hot dogs and ice cream. 

That's the society they want to create. Don't fall for it. Blaming others is kryptonite. It's giving your power away. 

Men take 100% extreme ownership for everything in their lives. 

So, YES! It is your fault, just like it was my fault. But that changes today. Now you have the info and the program you need to make a massive transformation. 
How often do I need a booster shot?
Every week for the rest of your life. Training not only builds strength and muscle... it builds resiliency, discipline, character, grit, focus, work ethic and so much more. It's the greatest habit you can have. 
Will this program give me the right bare arms?
It will give you bear arms. And you should then walk around with bare arms. 
Should I train with a mask on?
Hi Gavin Newsom. Thanks for dropping by and providing us with a little humor. You of all people need to start this program today. 
Some of the things you're suggesting in the program go against the "trusted science." Will this really work?
Listen Gavin, just do the damn program. 
Will my workout work if everyone else doesn't do their workout?
No. For your workout to work I have to do mine and my wife has to do hers. And vice versa. 

I have bills to pay and mouths to feed. So everyone on the planet needs to purchase and do this workout plan.
What happens after I purchase?
You will receive an immediate download link.


Fully Backed By Our 100% Risk-Free Guarantee

Try this program for 30 days. If you don’t see awesome results and feel amazing,
simply email us and we’ll cancel your membership immediately. No hassle, no questions asked.

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